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The Minno-ette has been a mainstay in Fredenberg Township over the course of 60 plus years. Our customers enjoy quality fresh bait, hunting and outdoor supplies, sporting goods and much more. Read more about our local history.

Fredenberg Minno-ette, originally a small 10’x10’ bait shop, was founded in 1950 by Edward and Esther Bisiar. In 1955 Harold and Dorothy Opland purchased it and added gas pumps and floor space for bait tanks and tackle.  They also added a garage for a school bus.


In 1969, Don and Donna Pelofski purchased the Minno-ette. They further expanded the building to include more space for tackle and groceries. Also, they built an attached garage for the bus.


In 1979 Eric and Nancy Hoglund became the new owners. They made extensive improvements with the addition of a new area for grocery and convenience. The attached garage was transformed into a public laundromat and restroom. A new canopy and gas island were added.


In April 1985, it was purchased by Art and Delaine Carlson and their daughter, Julie and her husband, Scott Youngstrom, who own it to this day. The laundromat was changed into floor space for further expansion of the sporting goods section. Numerous other improvements have also been made which have increased what the Minno-ette offers customers today in daily and outdoor supplies, conveniences and services. We welcome your patronage!


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